Social Media 101

Getting Started

Social media marketing can be a powerful tool to help any business grow their sales, increase brand exposure and build relationships with customers. Yet, so many businesses see little to no success when it comes to social media.

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Blogging 101

A blog is your main hub for updates, content and announcements (blog may be connected to your website). It is the one channel that an organization has entire control over with content and functionality.

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Content Creation 101

Empower your audience. Be the one to give the information and be willing to share more if asked. Your content should be what your audience is asking for… if they don’t get the information from you, they will go to the competition.

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Facebook 101

Facebook is fast becoming one of the most trusted networks and search engines. Use Facebook to highlight stories, share contests and successes about your business.

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LinkedIn 101

Your objective on LinkedIn is to bring awareness to your company’s projects, industry knowledge and initiatives; it is to connect with other like companies and expand your business network.

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Twitter 101

Twitter is a real-time microblog, and is one of the most powerful social tools to track and scale your business and connect with individuals. It is a strong tool to share bite-size information with other organizations, staff, businesses, and the community.

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Google+ 101

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if you want to move up in the online ranks, it is best to use the Google tools that are available to help you and your business climb to the very top. And to receive the most attention for your video marketing, you need to be connected to Google+.

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24 Useful Tools and Apps for Marketers

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Instagram could permanently remove the number of likes on posts in Canada

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