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Who We Are

Most organizations have a shortage of time, resources, and expertise to master the ever-changing online social media marketing techniques, strategies, and platforms – which they need to understand to succeed in today’s market. The way you communicate online has changed and it is continuing to change, from the traditional form of marketing.

At Katt Stearns Consulting, we focus on finding solutions to increase the interaction between you and your audience. We leverage both online and offline marketing to create a strong brand image, and to engage your audience.

“It’s no longer about the stuff you sell but about the stories you tell!”

Katt Stearns

I bring over a decade of experience as a social media and digital marketing consultant, speaker, and facilitator. Back in the early 2000s in the music industry when it was just MySpace and Facebook, jumping forward to working with Destination BC as a facilitator and content creator for their Visitor Centre Digital Marketing Playbook and Learning Centre.

I’ve had the privilege of having worked with numerous organizations over the years, helping them to identify the correct social media and digital marketing strategies to better assist in achieving their business goal. I don’t believe businesses should be on social media just to say “we are”, your social media should serve a purpose – and I can help you!

In wanting to help others, I created “Helping Business Make Sense of Social Media” a monthly subscription program and blog that supports organizations to make sense of and take action to move their business forward. 

If you are struggling with social media and digital marketing, I would be happy to help you make sense of it!

~ Katt

Katt & Co. Team

Over the years’ I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with a number of individuals and agencies that specialize in different areas. From website programming and branding to photography and video production, I have a team of talented partners that I work with to help bring your project together.

Some of the industries we have worked with include:

  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Music and Entertainment
  • Provincial Government 
  • Custom Home Building and Realestae
  • Health and Beauty
  • Wine and Restaurants
  • Health and Beauty
  • Non-Profit’s
  • Women-Focused Business and Organizations