Increasing National Exposure

The Client

Sponsored by BC Hydro and Fortis BC, the Energy Management Program is not just about implementing energy efficient technologies - it's also about people. An Energy Manager's goal is to create a culture within an organization where energy efficiency is regular business practice.

The Challenge

BC Hydro's Energy Management Program was gaining national exposure and wanted organizations to share their success stories and increase exposure in a cost effective way to grow the profession.

The Solution

We prepared a 4+ month detailed industry report, reviewing the numerous industries and organizations that have Energy Managers. In this report, we identified the key barriers and opportunities that Energy Managers face in sharing their message and successes.

We concluded by launching a pilot program focusing on 20 organizations. We would work with their energy management teams, executives, marketing and communications teams to develop a strategic marketing plan so they could share their successes.

"We identified the key barriers and opportunities that Energy Managers face"


As a result of our efforts, we had a successful uptake of the program with 20+ organizations in the first 5 months. Many of the organizations' Energy Management Teams and Marketing Communications teams have collaborated and integrated the organization's energy message into their communication.

Many organizations' efforts to be sustainable and energy efficient are being shared in an engaging way and their successes celebrated. This also resulted in considerable cost effectiveness, with the average cost per impression approximately $0.02 per message compared to the $0.21 for traditional advertising.