Module: LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

Helping you make sense of LinkedIn.

There are alot of different social media profiles to choose from, and hopefully by now you have identified where you want to spend your time and which platforms may have the most impact.

LinkedIn may be one of those platforms, or it may be a platform that is secondary – you get to make that choice! As we go through this module, I want you to remember that you don’t need to be everywhere to be impactful.

If LinkedIn is where you decide to play, great! However, if LinkedIn is not where you want to focus your time, you may want to simply dust off your LinkedIn profile a bit, give it some new life, and then focus your time where it matters.

For this module, I have shortened the length but made it more impactful, with your checklist clearly laid out as we go along each section.

Together we will cover:

  • How to optimize your LinkedIn profile.
  • How to engage and create content that attracts your audience.
  • Optimizing a LinkedIn Business Page.
  • Recommendations vs Endorsements.

Let’s dive in!

Module One

Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile.

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