Module: Website

Making Sense of Your Website

Helping you create a website that speaks to your ideal audience.

Do you really need a website?

This is a question I often hear from business owners. You have a solid social media presence with great engagement. Do you need to build a website?

My response to this is always YES!

It is great that social media is working for you… right now. But will it still be working the same in 6 months or a year or two from now?

If history has anything to show, social media is constantly changing. Facebook is not what it was even a year ago, Instagram has new ways of posting, and new platforms like Threads are popping up and fading away.

The only digital asset that you fully control is your website. So whether you have a website currently or are in the process of building a website, this module will help you.

In this module, we are going to cover:

  • How to get started with building a website.
  • The different types of website platforms available.
  • What makes a great website.
  • Understanding SEO basics for your website
  • A website audit checklist to help improve the performance of your website.

Let’s Dive in!

Module One

The 4 fundamentals to consider when building or creating a website.

Module Two

Getting started with building and developing your website.

Module Three

What makes a great website: organization, content and functionality

Module Four

Getting started with SEO for your website

Module Five

Launching and testing your website for improved performance

Module Six

Website Audit Checklist and Group Audit Exercise (time sensitive)

If you would like to participate in the peer audit review, or if you have any questions, send an email to Katt.