These past few weeks I have had the pleasure of working on two very exciting campaigns. The first was for a non-profit foundation that raises funds locally to fight breast cancer. The second was working with a talented Canadian country recording artist who was up for seven nominations at this year’s BC Country Music Awards. Both of these projects are dear to my heart for different reasons and I am happy to say that they were both hugely successful.

One of the key elements for both of these campaigns was integrating social media into their marketing mix. I want to share with you some of the key lessons that we took away from these successful campaigns in hopes that you can apply these strategies too.

1. Have a Plan:

The first and most important part of any strategy is to have a plan. Identify what platforms you are going to be using, why you are going to be using them (each platform has a different purpose), how often you will be posting, and who will be responsible for these platforms. Identify some of the goals you want to have for the campaign and the platforms such as more new targeted followers, media attention, or increased awareness.

2. Time Your Content:

Map out some of the key dates and milestones that will be taking place and time your content accordingly. For example: if there is a deadline for someone to vote or drop off a donation, make sure that you mention it a few days before the deadline to remind them that it’s coming up. You can post multiple times, asking your audience to take a specific action but try to avoid saying the same thing every time.

3. Mix up your message:

It’s easy to focus on goals like raising money and selling products, but if that is all you are talking about your audience will soon get bored with your message. Make sure you are creating content that follows the four E’s and Educates, Empowers, Engages and Entertains—this will help you to build an invested and interested audience.

Two of the key types of content we shared in the campaigns were behind the scenes and fan content:

Behind the Scenes: Help your fans get to know more about you, your business and some of the hard work you’re doing. Bring them along for the ride to help build like and trust. If you’re holding an event it can also help to create hype and excitement!

Make Your Fans the Stars: Probably one of the most important things you can do as a non-profit, and even as an organization, is to make your fans the center of your page. Share pictures of them using your product or giving testimonials. Thank and highlight your sponsors and contributors that help make your campaign successful.

4. Respond, Respond, Respond:

It’s important in social to make sure that you have a two-way communication channel and not a one-way blast. During your campaign it is extra important to respond to all comments, questions and to engage with other people in the community.

5. Don’t Forget About Them:

After your campaign is done don’t sign off and ignore your social media until your next campaign—you need to keep it going. If you just walk away your audience will feel used and be less likely to support you in the future.

Using social media as part of your marketing mix for a campaign or launch can be hugely beneficial. Just like anything else, make sure you put a plan together before you start, and be open to changes and be flexible. As you execute your plan you may need to adapt and change as you go.

If you would like to check out the Facebook Pages of the two campaigns we worked on check them out here:

Karen Lee Batten:
Crystal Gala Foundation: